Patient Details Form

This is a basic patient details form to fill out prior to your first visit. Click on 'download PDF' and complete the relevant fields. When you are ready to submit, click on the 'save and submit' button. A copy will be saved to your computer and it will also be attached to an email, which you can then send to us. Please do not change the name of the file. Alternatively, you can fill it out when we see you.

Acute Injury

Good acute injury management minimizes the impact of any injury on performance / sport and maximizes the chances of speedy resolution of the complaint. 


Fitness is broadly defined as an individuals capacity to meet to the demands of their environment. To put it another way, physical fitness can be thought of as the ability to comfortably meet the physical challenges of performance / sport, or any of life’s other activities .

Overuse & Chronic Injury

A chronic injury is one which has been present over an extended time period (for longer than about 6 weeks). These injuries are more complicated to manage, as by that stage the injury may have had an impact on movement, technique, confidence, participation in sport, work and so on. 


Understanding pain - What is your body telling you? 

Safe Stretching

Safe Stretching - If you don't bend you break!

Useful & Interesting Links

Here's a great website on musculoskeletal pain put together by the West Australian Health Department - Full of great current information.

This is a fantastic 5 minute video on persistent pain. Worth watching if you've had pain for a while.
Understanding Pain: What to do about it in less than five minutes?